After living in the Southern Part of Heaven for more almost 4 decades all told, I am thoroughly spoiled by both the men's and women's basketball programs at both Duke University and UNC Chapel Hill. In the late 1970s, I practiced in the old West Campus Card Gymnasium with the JV basketball and women's basketball teams as many track team members did. I dreamed since high school of trying out for a college basketball team, but instead continued the running and later swimming that have become lifelong sports while being a lifelong fan of those who play basketball at this high level. During post graduate work at Virginia Tech and Cornell University I realized how fortunate it was to live in the Triangle area of NC, so when an opening to return to the Triangle opened up after 2 decades away from the area, I eagerly accepted the transfer to move the family back to Chapel Hill.

Since 2000, the basketball programs at Duke and UNC have achieved many high honors, including several national championships and participation in several national championship finals between them. They have also maintained usually excellent academic standards with a few notable exceptions making the headlines. As a 3 decades long resident of Chapel Hill, I have always said that I root for the Tar Heels AND the Blue Devils, except when they play each other. Then I root for my alma mater (sorry, Virginia Tech and Cornell don't command the same following in hoops).